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News Update for August 2014

In this month’s Heritage Hub E magazine we have an article published by one of our new members (James Cummins) of his first trip out as a guest in...

Clanline 2014 Tours

Clan Line is scheduled to haul the following tours during 2014. These tours are sponsored by Belmond British Pullman (BBP) except where stated...

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Merchant Navy Locomotive Preservation Society

Welcome to our new website of the Merchant Navy Locomotive Preservation Society, an organisation whose volunteer members are dedicated to the preservation and operation of their express passenger steam locomotive, No 35028 “Clan Line”.

Browsing the pages of this site, you can learn about the history of this locomotive, understand the features which made it one of the most outstanding locomotive designs of its era, how it came to be preserved, and how we go about the complex but highly enjoyable business of operating such a machine in the demanding environment of the 21st Century.

The MNLPS is a registered educational charity, and depends entirely on the effort and financial support provided by its members. Details of how to join us will be found on the Membership page.


Please note that the Webmaster email address is no longer active. Our contact details are shown on the Contact Us page.


The Merchant Navy Locomotive Preservation Society Limited
A company limited by guarantee (England No 1114826).  Registered office, 12 Inglewood Avenue, Heatherside, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 1RJ