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24/03/2012 Archive Report


"This is the start of a fortnightly news snippet on what's going on with Clan Line. Our intention is to keep everyone who is interested in our loco more up to date with what's happening on a regular basis. We aim to give you more of an insight to what maintaining a Main Line steam locomotive is all about and also a quick brief on how each trip went. Below is little update on what happened last weekend, followed by a quick note from one of our younger working members on what he was up to on Saturday (10/3/12)

Extract from the RO Alan French’s Report


Outbound from Victoria we stayed within a minute or two of the schedule having the usual yellows after Clapham Junction but arriving at Addlestone Junction comfortably for our pathing stop. Once underway we had a good romp down through Worplesdon but because of a late running Gatwick DMU we were held at Guildford and so arrived a couple of minutes down at Shalford. After the usual servicing we left early and enjoyed a good climb up the bank before picking up speed and had some good running before we eased through Reigate and ran into Redhill ahead of time to come to a stand at Platform 1 to wait for the service train to depart. Once given the road we departed and made good progress finding a “green” at Coulsdon and a further “green and feather” at Stoats Nest so crossed at speed onto the up fast. We continued to make good progress passing through East Croydon and enjoyed further good running until we saw our first yellow just after Streatham Common as we braked and ran gently through Clapham Junction before arriving back at Victoria Platform 2 to time.

All in all an excellent run with no major problems

News Update 10/11 March 2012

The weekend’s jobs consisted of the normal ash disposal from both the smoke and fireboxes, a walk round to check that everything was okay with the loco after our last outing and a start with the prep for the next trip which is the Surrey Hills. A couple of our volunteers were looking at the new GSM-R (Global Systems for Mobile Communication – Railway) Radio installation which is needed to be fitted on the loco for it to keep it up to date on the modern railway network. Bob and Graham spent part of the day measuring up and sorting out the best possible ways for the conduit to run around the other items in the cab.

And finally from working party member David Titchner – Popham

Today we had some routine maintenance to carry out after the previous trip. We spotted a very small dribble coming from one of the pipes from the injectors (these use steam to inject water into the boiler) and although it wasn’t a concern we took the opportunity to examine and fix it whilst we had a spare weekend. Together with Allan Scott (behind the camera) we had the job to find and sort problem. From our examination it appeared to be the flange, from the injector to the pipe which delivers water to the boiler that was causing us this small issue. After unbolting the flange and pondering the tell tail signs, it was decided that the flanges weren’t quite parallel to each other, this means that no matter how tight you torque the bolts; the flanges won't sit properly. After a small amount of tweaking, by using a wedge of aluminium to square up the two flanges, they seemed to sit much better. We made a new gasket to fit in-between the joint and the whole lot was bolted back together! Et voila, one pressure tight joint!'

Next update 31 March 2012



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