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Clan Line is scheduled to haul the following tours during 2013. The tours are sponsored by OE except where stated otherwise. As with all steam tours there are many factors affecting the running of the train and therefore it must be noted that changes can occur at very short notice.

    1) Saturday 5th Jan              Surrey Hills Lunch                CANCELLED

    2) Friday 18th Jan                Surrey Hills Lunch

    3) Saturday 9th Feb             Surrey Hills Lunch

    4) Thursday 14th Feb           Valentine’s Surrey Hills Lunch

    5) Friday 1st March              Surrey Hills Lunch

    6) Wednesday 13th Mar      Bath/Bristol

    7) Friday 22nd March           Surrey Hills Lunch

    8) Friday 12th April               Surrey Hills Lunch

    9) Wednesday 24th April     West London Circular

    10) Friday 3rd May                 Surrey Hills Lunch

    11) Thursday 9th May           Steam Dreams Victoria to Okehampton
    (This is the first leg of the Cathedrals Express 8 day tour of Britain. Tickets are therefore only available for the whole

    12) Friday 24th May              Surrey Hills Lunch

    13) Friday 14th June             Surrey Hills Lunch           CANCELLED

    14) Sunday 30th June          Steam Dreams Victoria to Exeter

    15) Wednesday 10th July    Salisbury/Bath     Cancelled - Fire Ban

    16) Saturday 20th July         Surrey Hills Lunch      Cancelled - Fire Ban

    17) Saturday 3rd Aug           Surrey Hills Lunch

    18) Friday 13th Aug              Surrey Hills Lunch

    19) Saturday 31st August   Steam Dreams Waterloo to Weymouth

    20) Wednesday 11th Sept   Salisbury/Bath

      MNLPS Maintenance Period

    21) Friday 1st Nov                Surrey Hills Lunch

    22) Saturday 7th Dec           Surrey Hills Lunch

    23) Friday 13th Dec              Surrey Hills Lunch

    24) Saturday 21st Dec         Surrey Hills Lunch

    For those interested in travelling in luxury hauled by Clan Line, please visit the OE website at

    For those interested in the Steam Dreams tours please visit

For those interested in steam hauled trains in the United Kingdom, there is a schedule of proposed trains available on .This website also publishes timings of tours close to the date that the tour is to run.

These website links are given for reference only. The MNLPS cannot be held responsible for any information published therein.

©MNLPS  2013


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