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 (Train Protection and Warning System & On-Train Monitoring and Recording system)

Planning for the installation of TPWS and OTMR continues and locations for the various items of new equipment are being identified.

            One major consideration is the siting of the aerials for TPWS. As explained previously (Southern Express No.135) these are required for reception of the low frequency transmissions from the line-side equipment and their location on the locomotive and tender is accurately specified.  The mounting for the aerial at the rear of the tender had to be designed such that there was no interference with the brake rigging at the same time as being rigid enough to resist movement. A suitable bracket was fabricated and the trial installation is shown in the attached photo. (John Adams) There is a built in height adjustment in the design, on final installation this will be fixed to prevent any vertical movement of the bracket with respect to the mounting.

            Installation of TPWS requires the addition of a small control panel for the Driver. This panel holds controls and indicators for Train Speed Over-ride, Brake Demand, and Temporary Isolation/Fault indication. In the interest of maintaining the traditional appearance of No.35028’s cab the items previously on the control panel will be incorporated into the original AWS Drivers Control Panel (Sunflower Display).    [Photo courtesy of Mandy Sharpe]. This will have two further indicators fitted showing correct (or not) operation of OTMR.

            The recording requirements for OTMR are becoming better defined (see Andy Davies’s Loco report SE135). This ‘Black Box’ data recorder (in fact it is painted in day-glow orange!) will be located under the footplate on the Fireman’s side of the loco, where, under the hinged floor, it will be accessible for the connection of the computer system used for its configuration and the downloading of data. The recorder is designed to be capable of operating in a hostile (i.e. hot, wet, and dirty) environment and we have little choice but to locate it in this position due to its size and the need to interconnect it with the TPWS.

            The costs for the installation of TPWS and OTMR are becoming clearer. There is an amount of rolling stock already fitted with TPWS now being scrapped and we are fortunate enough to have had most items required for our TPWS installations generously donated. Whilst this saves us some capital expenditure, the equipment will have to be returned to the manufacturers for updating and recalibration. Costs for this are not yet known but are likely to be thousands of pounds rather than hundreds!

For the purchase of the OTMR system, the Society has joined with a group of other locomotive owners in order to obtain a price advantage; however at today’s prices OTMR is still going to cost app. £8000 to purchase and install.

            This is yet another ‘Extra’ to the Societies’ original budget………. Please help our Fund Raising Officer finance this project by keeping your donations coming in. Remember, every little helps and is greatly appreciated.      Bob Gillett 

To see a Schematic Layout of the Systems and more Pictures of typical Equipment
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