Education and Group Visits

The Society’s aims and objectives are twofold and yet inter-linked; heritage preservation, together with education and learning, and both are in keeping with the Society’s charitable status.

The MNLPS aims to maximize both the exposure of the engine, within the limitations of its wholly volunteer workforce, and the need to maintain the engine to the high standards required by Britain’s railway authorities.

It does so with a view to providing educational and training benefits to both individuals and a wider public audience. We are able to provide a range of experiences and learning opportunities to those interested in science, literature, mathematics, design, engineering and technology linked to the history and current preservation of steam locomotives and, of course, Clan Line.

The experiences we can provide include classroom learning and workshops taught in-house or at your school, college or club, and opportunities to visit Clan line and see the volunteers at work.

We have a range of experienced and professional members which enables us to adapt our educational provision for a range of needs and interests. This includes practical activities, talks and lectures and opportunities to visit Clan Line by special arrangement when she is at her London base, when on tour or when on static display at railway stations and, sometimes, preserved lines.

We have our own workshop which enables us to provide ‘behind the scene’ tours as part of your visit to Clan Line.

We are particularly keen to encourage young people to visit us at our base, and when on tour. Wherever possible, and when there is time, we encourage young people to get up on the footplate at railway stations, ask questions and gain some knowledge of a steam locomotive at work. Young people with the right enthusiasm and commitment are the future custodians of our steam heritage.

It is our hope that young people, and others keen on steam preservation, may wish to find out more and join our team of willing volunteers.

Recently, educational provision has included:-

  • Visits by groups and individuals to see Clan Line as she is prepared for a tour
  • Visits to our London base by young people with autism
  • Tours and footplate visits when Clan Line was on static display at Victoria Railway Station
  • Footplate visits at railway stations when on tour
  • A day with volunteers as they service Clan Line, her support coach and her London based facilities
  • A day with Clan Line on tour as guests of the MNLPS
  • Talks to engineering societies
  • Preserved railway visits

For members and volunteers we also provide mutual improvement classes (MIC) and the ongoing opportunity to gain useful competencies in a range of steam locomotive skills and experiences, from cleaning to servicing, tour preparation and engineering, both light and heavy.

This regularly updated website also contains information of educational interest such as:-

  • An introduction to the Merchant Navy Class
  • Clan Line – A brief history
  • Technical Matters about the way that Clan Line works
  • A range of pictures of Clan Line – past and present
  • A video library – including the early days

Education is not limited by age. Whatever your interests, needs or experiences, we would like to hear from you.

To discuss your needs, please contact our Education Officer using the Contact page of this website, or email our education officer.

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