Frequently Asked Questions

The steam rising from the rear of the tender is the exhaust from the steam-driven compressor. The compressor provides compressed air for the air braking system that we have added. The compressor was placed here to make it accessible for maintenance purposes.

For more information on the air braking system on Clan Line, see here.

Clan Line is not air braked, but it can control the air brake on its train.

The locomotive is steam braked, and the tender is vacuum braked, as they were in BR days. We have added a compressor and air braking valves so that we can control the air braking system on the trains that we usually haul.

To learn more about Clan Line’s air braking system, see here.

The wheel controls the valve that supplies steam to the manifold in the cab.

It is usually used when work needs to be done to the live steam fittings whilst the locomotive is in steam. The only two users of steam that are not supplied by the manifold are the regulator and the whistle.

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