MNLPS Video Library

Throughout the life of the MNLPS, several of our working members have taken cine films, mainly 8mm, showing Clan Line, and the volunteers maintaining the engine. We have been working on digitising some of them so that we can preserve their contents, and make them available for viewing. We present a selection of them here.

Quite often, there is very little documentation about the contents. Sometimes, they appear to have been edited to tell a story, and are not in chronological order. Unfortunately, we don't know what that story was, and the cameramen are not with us anymore. Most of them were shot without sound. We have had to remove some parts that won't reproduce very well, but we think that what remains will be of interest - especially to anyone who was there at the time.

We also include some more recent videos, taken using modern technology.

  • MNLPS 1

    The early days of the MNLPS, including Longmoor

  • MNLPS 2

    Cleaning and painting at Longmoor

  • MNLPS 3

    Longmoor, Ashford and Hereford

  • MNLPS 5

    Clan Line's second steaming in preservation at Liss

  • MNLPS 6

    Clan Line at Liss and Ashford

  • MNLPS 7

    Clan Line's move to Ashford

  • MNLPS 8

    Clan Line at Ashford in 1972

  • MNLPS 9

    Clan Line at Ashford, including an Open Day

  • Bournemouth Belle 2017

    Clan Line hauling the Bournemouth Belle on the 5th July 2017