Belmond British Pullman Surrey Hills – 11th December 2021

This was our last Belmond British Pullman trip of the year – a tour round the Surrey Hills – and we were greeted by a dry start to the day. We usually arrive at the platform at London Victoria in plenty of time, so that our passengers can come and see the engine that is going to haul their train. Today was no exception, and plenty of people took advantage of the opportunity.

Clan Line at Whitton

We had a pathing stop at Chertsey, though we didn’t take any water on this occasion. This was done at Shalford, where plenty of people had come out to see us. There had been some rain by this time, so the railhead conditions were not at their best. However, we climbed Gomshall with just a couple of minor slips.

Clan Line at Chilworth

On our arrival back at Victoria, lots of happy passengers came to visit the locomotive and express their appreciation.

On arrival back at Stewarts Lane, it all started again in preparation for some trips on Tuesday.

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