We are still here, but there hasn't been much to report recently. However, the restrictions imposed because of the Coronavirus are starting to ease.

In March, when we knew that we weren't going to be using the engine for a while, we laid it up. This mainly involved opening up the boiler, draining it, and rinsing out the foundation ring.

Clan Line laid up

We are very lucky in that Clan Line is kept in a secure shed, so that is one thing that we don't have to worry about. Our landlord has been keeping an eye on things for us during this period.

As you can see from our Home page, we have lost over a dozen confirmed trips already. There were also other possibilities at the planning stage that will not, now, go ahead. We are, however, working on plans for next year. These will be published as soon as they have been confirmed.

We had to postpone our AGM because of the crisis, but we are working on re-scheduling it. We will contact our members soon.

Using the wonders of modern technology, we have been able to hold virtual committee meetings, so the work behind the scenes has continued.

Work has also been going on on this website, with one or two extra sections slowly being expanded. One area worth a look is the Video Library. We have quite an archive of 8mm films from the early days of the MNLPS, and are in the process of making them accessible. The first few are there, now, and more will follow.

We are, now, able to have a very limited number of people at Stewarts Lane at the weekends, as long as we follow the current rules. Before the outbreak, the loco was re-varnished, and we are looking at other paint jobs that can be carried out. When the engine is seen by the public, again, it should look very smart.

Let's hope that that is not too far in the future.