Work on Clan Line's overhaul is still progressing well at Crewe on several fronts.

The bogie has been completely re-assembled:-

And the Bissell is almost finished:-

Meanwhile, the axle boxes for the driving wheels are being worked on:-

There is quite a bit of corrosion to the saddle casting, which needs repairing. This area is usually underneath the smokebox, and, thus, inaccessible, so it is being repaired now while we can get to it. Preparations are being made for a patch to be welded in.

Things are moving swiftly in this area, and it shouldn't be long before the frames are re-wheeled.

On the boiler front, our old front tubeplate has been removed, which necessitated the removal of the smokebox:-

There is some minor grooving to the inside of the boiler barrel, which can now be repaired. At the same time, we are able to fit a new end to the main steam pipe, so we are doing that.

The new front tubeplate is in the process of being manufactured by the South Devon Railway at Buckfastleigh.

Work is also progressing on the firebox. A lot of the new platework has been welded in, and preparations are being made to rivet the foundation ring in place.

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