Things are progressing well at Crewe.

On Monday 3rd October, Clan Line was re-wheeled. LNWR Heritage at Crewe hired two cranes to lift the frames from the accommodation bogies, and put them back on Clan Line's own wheels.

The frames are lifted

The bogie, driving wheels, and Bissell were rolled in to place, and the frames were carefully lowered on to them.

The frames are lowered on to the wheels

After carefully ensuring that the axle boxes were aligned in the horns, and the bogie and Bissell were correctly located, Clan Line stands on its own wheels, and the cranes were disconnected.

Clan Line stands on its own wheels again

The engine was re-united with its tender, before being returned to the workshop. The job of putting all the motion back can now start. Then after adjusting the height of the locomotive to the designed specification, the work of setting the valve timings can begin.

Engine and tender are re-united

Meanwhile, in the boiler shop, good progress is also being made. One of the current jobs is riveting the repaired foundation ring into position.

The next rivet is placed in position

Things are starting to come together very nicely, at the moment.

Thanks to LNWR Heritage at Crewe for help in taking these photographs.

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