A lot more work has been done to our boiler since our last report. All the plate-work for the firebox repairs has been welded in, and, when these photographs were taken, final preparations were being made to rivet in the final part (the front) of the foundation ring.

The repairs to the firebox

At the other end of the boiler, most of the rivets for our new front tube-plate are in, and the final riveting will be done when the boiler has been turned over.

Most of the riveting for the front tube-plate is complete

Progress on the frames is going well, and they should be ready to receive the boiler when it is done. Most of the motion is in position and connected, apart from the middle connecting rod.

Most of the motion is connected

The middle big-end bearing is being replaced, and the new one, along with the associated clip, is being manufactured by LNWR Heritage at Crewe.

The new big-end bearing being made

The new big-end clip being made, alongside the old one

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