There have been a lot of visible signs of progress on our boiler of late. All the main firebox welding has now been completed. The joint faces for all the boiler attachments have been skimmed, as have those on the superheater header.

Re-cutting the face for the middle safety valve

Re-cutting the faces for the steam pipes on the superheater header

The holes for the studs that hold these attachments are in the process of having their threads tapped, and the new studs are being fitted. All the new flexible stays round the bases of the two thermic syphons have been fitted.

The new flexible stays have been fitted

A good start has been made on drilling, tapping and fitting the new stays in the areas of the firebox that have been replaced. A lot of the flues and tubes have been cut to length and put in place, though they haven't been expanded, yet. They can't all be inserted until the repaired main steam pipe has been installed.

Most of the tubes and flues are in place

Work on the frames as also proceeding. The main visible progress is on the new big end bearing for the middle cylinder.

The middle big end

Machining the white metal of the middle big end bearing

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