On the boiler front, the repaired main steam pipe is now in position, which has allowed the remaining flues and tubes to be fitted. They will be expanded imminently.

All the tubes and flues are now in place

Work continues on fitting the new stays, as well as overhauling the crinolines.

The overhaul of the regulator is almost complete.

The almost finished regulator

The new middle big end bearing just needs scraping.

The new middle big end

Because the boiler is off, it is possible to get views of the middle engine that you can't usually see. If only it was always this accessible!

The middle engine

Work has started on setting the outside valves. (The middle one will have to wait until the con rod is fitted.) It is easier to do this before the boiler is put back, but it does mean that the height of the frames has to be set correctly.

Finding the front dead centre

Marking the dead centre

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