Crewe Overhaul Update 2

Good progress has been made. Clan Line is, now, inside the lifting shop, where the boiler will be removed.

Already, the cab has been taken off. The smoke deflectors have been removed, as has some of the cladding. A lot of the pipework has gone, including the injector delivery pipes, and the ejector exhaust pipe. Work has started on unbolting the ashpans from the foundation ring, and removing the steam pipe glands from the smokebox.

We have continued to remove cab fittings. The Klinger valves have been removed from the manifold, and the gauge frames have gone. We have also disconnected most of the air braking valves, which are usually in a metal box under the cab floor. All these things will be overhauled off site.

The people at Crewe will continue preparations for lifting the boiler. Once this has been done, work can continue in parallel. They can start opening up the boiler, so that we can discover exactly how much work needs to be done. They can, also, start dropping the motion, so that the wheel sets, and springs, can be removed, and dealt with elsewhere.

Here are a few photographs, showing progress so far:-

Clan Line in the lifting shop.

The cab, and some of the cladding, after being removed.

The boiler backhead, with some of the fittings removed.

A steam pipe gland, partly dismantled, where the steam pipe passes through the smokebox.