Crewe Overhaul Update 4

More good progress has been made. Now that the boiler has been separated from the frames, work continues in parallel.

The superheater elements, and the top row of flues, have been taken out, and the rest of the flues, and all the tubes, will soon follow.

The superheater elements have been removed.

The work in the smokebox.

The next step will be to remove the dome and regulator, so that access can be gained to the inside of the boiler. We can, then, start getting some idea of the amount of extra work that will be needed. The boiler will, then, be turned over, and the foundation ring removed, allowing a full assessment of the work involved.

Meanwhile, work also progresses on the frames. The ashpans have been removed, as has some of the brake rigging. Quite a bit of the motion has also been taken down. Once this has been finished, the springs can be removed for refurbishment, and the wheel sets sent away for the fitting of new tyres.

A start has been made on dismantling the motion.