Crewe Overhaul Update 5

LNWR Heritage are continuing to make good progress on Clan Line’s overhaul at Crewe. Now that the boiler has been removed from the frames, work can proceed in parallel.

All the cladding and insulation has been removed from the boiler, as have all the tubes and flues, and a start has been made on removing the rivets that hold the foundation ring. The boiler inspectors have made an initial inspection, and have found a little extra work that will be necessary – some of the lower part of the inner firebox will need attention – but nothing too serious has been found, yet.

Once the foundation ring and superheater header have been taken out, and some non-destructive testing has been carried out to ascertain the plate thicknesses, we will get a full picture of how much work will be involved.

The frames have been lifted from the wheels, and are, currently, on accommodation bogies. The springs have been sent away for refurbishment elsewhere. The wheels will be sent to the South Devon Railway, so that the new tyres, that they already have, can be fitted and turned.

We have also found a little extra work that needs doing on the bottom half. A piston examination has revealed that some attention is needed in this area, and some work will be needed to the horns. As with the boiler, it is not thought that this will be too serious. The valves are still to be removed, so a full assessment will be carried out, then.

LNWR Heritage are not doing all the work – lots of smaller parts, such as air and steam valves, and injector cones, have been taken to Stewarts Lane, so that our own engineers can work on them.