Current State of the Overhaul

We, now, have a much better idea of the amount of work that is needed to get 35028 running, again.

On the boiler, the lower 15 inches of the inner firebox, all the way round, needs replacing, because the plate work is getting thin. Work has started on removing the stays - several hundred need replacing. The drawings for the new plate work have also been produced.

The wheels are still at the South Devon Railway. One of the new tyres was found to have a flaw when it was being machined. A replacement is on the way from South Africa. This should not alter the overall time scale of the overhaul, but does mean that we will have to change the plan somewhat. Non-destructive-testing of the wheelsets has started.

A visual inspection of the frames has discovered a few minor welding repairs that will be needed. There is, also, some work required on the motion, including the coupling rod bushes, valves and pistons.

Quite a few of the smaller parts, and some of the larger ones, have been transported to Stewarts Lane, where we can work on them ourselves. These include the ashpans, which arrived this weekend.

The ashpans being cleaned at Stewarts Lane

Other parts, including springs, a piston rod and piston cover are at other specialist engineering firms for refurbishment and repair.