Work on Clan Line’s overhaul is still progressing on several fronts.

On the boiler side, the replacement boiler plate, for the lower part of the inner firebox, has arrived on site, and work is continuing on the removal of the old stays. Repairs to the foundation ring are also on course. The superheater header has been taken out, and needs a hydraulic test to ascertain its state.

The superheater header

The manifold has been refurbished, and is back at Crewe.

Machining the manifold

Work on repairing the ashpans is being carried out by our own engineers at Stewarts Lane.

Welding the ashpans

Some minor repairs have been made to the slider on the bogie, and the bogie frame has been painted. The springs have been refurbished, and the bogie wheels are back from the South Devon Railway, where they had new tyres fitted, and were painted. Rebuilding of the bogie is proceeding.

The Bissell had some minor cracks repaired, and can now be re-assembled.

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) found some minor cracks in some of the frame stretchers. These have been repaired, and the frames painted. All the draw gear has been NDT’ed. The valve chests have been re-bored, and new valve heads cast. They now need machining to fit. The piston rods have also been machined. New gland packings for both are being made at Stewarts Lane.

Machining a new gland packing

Some partially complete gland packings

The horn guides are being refitted and ground to the correct size and alignment. All the springs have been refurbished.

Our support coach, Mercator, has been transferred to Eastleigh, where it will be overhauled.