Progress at Stewarts Lane

Work on Clan Line continues apace at Stewarts Lane.

Several people from Leaky Finders have been staying in London to help us. They even gave up their Easter break for us. We are very grateful to them.

The brick arch in the firebox has to be rebuilt. It is actually made of refractory cement, and is cast in situ. Because the thermic syphons help to support it, it is made of three separate castings. We have a set of wooden formers which are held in position, and the cement is poured on top. We then have to leave it to cure, before we can remove the formers, and light the fire.

The formers for the brick arch

There is also a lot to do in the smokebox. Our old petticoat, which hangs from the chimney, had reached the end of its life, so we had a new one cast, machined, and fitted. We have also been making a new spark arrestor basket, which goes around the blast pipe. This, and the screens, will need to be fitted, so work has been going on to prepare for this.

Working on the spark arrestors in the smokebox

All the electrics had been disconnected, so these have had to be reconnected and tested.

Using a magnet to test AWS

There is also a lot of painting to do. Every single bolt is important.

Every single bolt has to be painted

There is still a lot to do, though. We have all the annual recertification of both the loco and the support coach to do. Included in this will be a thorough brake test, and an official steam test in the presence of the boiler inspector.

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