Testing Has Started

Another report from Leaky Finders in Devon:-

“Well, what a few weeks it’s been here. After an effort from the team like no other, this week saw the boiler on 35028 Clan line filled with water, successfully pass its hydraulic test, then a warming fire lit yesterday and steam slowly raised today up to around 165psi.

“The last few weeks has seen nearly a thousand stays machined and fitted in the fire box, the 2nd syphon fully welded together and then welded into position in the firebox, along with the new syphon backs and closing and welding the diaphragms. New regulator bolts made and fitted along with the regulator valve itself. It’s been a big ask of all the staff here, but as usual they have worked solidly and without question to make sure we can stay on schedule.

“Ben our excellent resident Coach Painter is slowly working his way through each panel, to ensure when Clan Line returns to her duties in the next few weeks, that she looks just as everyone has become accustomed to seeing her, pristine!

“We still have a lot of work to complete between us and all the working members of the MNLPS, but we are certainly one big step closer to seeing her return to Stewart’s Lane in full working order very soon.”

One thermic syphon part almost ready for fitting
Rivetting over a stay head prior to fitting the thermic syphon
Hollow stays in the new part of a thermic syphon
One of the new thermic syphon parts, ready to be fitted
The new thermic syphons are almost complete
One of the new thermic syphons
One of the new thermic syphons
One repaired thermic syphon in place
The regulator with new bolts
Replacing some of the crown stays
Preparations for the hydraulic test
Preparing for the hydraulic test
Preparation for the hydraulic test
Ben prepares the firebox cladding for painting
Some of Ben’s excellent paintwork
Ben’s excellent paint job
There’s water in the boiler
Early stage of pressure testing
Preparing to pull Clan Line outside
Clan Line outside for the first steam test
The first fire
Smoke rises from the chimney on the first steam test
It’s a long while since we’ve seen this
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