Progress in Devon – 8

Leaky Finders‘ latest report shows that progress in Devon is still going well:-

“It’s been another busy few weeks here.

“Work on Clan line continues – both the replacement firebox sides were fully welded and successfully passed their NDT between Christmas and New Year. Work then turned to reaming, tapping, machining and fitting the hundreds of side stays. We have also completed the manufacture of the RH replacement lower thermic syphon. This has been an extremely fiddly job, we’ve lost count of how many times it’s been in and out the firebox, however it’s now ready to lift in place for the final time and weld to the existing syphon early next week. Another Herculean effort by all the lads and my thanks also go to the workshop staff from Bodmin, who have been drafted in to help. Work can now start on the LH syphon and the continuation of the stay work. We’re hopeful that we are only a matter of a few weeks away from having water back in the boiler.”

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