Tyre Replacement at the South Devon Railway

As well as all the work that is being done by LNWR Heritage at Crewe, we are also having new tyres fitted at Buckfastleigh by the South Devon Railway. After the wheels were removed from the locomotive, they were sent to Devon, and work has recently started.

The first thing to be done was to remove the old tyres. This was done by heating them in a special hearth, which causes the tyres to expand, and they can then be removed from the wheels.

The tyre being heated in the hearth.

The wheel being lifted from the tyre.

A start has also been made on machining the new tyres. Each will be machined to fit, before they are fitted to their corresponding wheels. Following that, they will be machined, again, to get the correct tyre profile, before they are painted and sent back to Crewe.

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