The Testing Has Started

Specialist Coatings (GB) Limited have completed their work of treating the inside of our tender tank to give it at least another thirty of life. Even though most people will never see all this work, the results are still very important to the preservation of the locomotive. The difference in the internal appearance is quite spectacular.

The inside of the tender tank before work starts
The inside of the newly treated tender tank

We have steamed the locomotive, and set the safety valves. Because of all the work that has been done on the motion bushes, we have also started running the engine up and down to bed in the white metal. This will be followed by a running-in turn before we haul our first train – a Surrey Hills run for Belmond on Friday 8th March.

Clan Line outside for safety valve setting

There is still more work to do, with more hurdles to overcome, but we are pretty happy that we will be ready in time.

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