We are almost ready for our first railtour of 2019, a Surrey Hills luncheon for Belmond, on Friday 8th March. The boiler inspector has been for the official annual steam test, and he pronounced himself satisfied.

As we have previously reported, we have been refurbishing the motion bushes on the driver's side of the locomotive. To bed these in, we have been running the engine up and down at Stewarts Lane. Further to this, we took the engine out onto the mainline for an overnight running-in turn that went virtually, if not completely, unnoticed. On the night of Monday 25th February, through to the morning of Tuesday 26th, we ran between Willesden Southwest Sidings and Clapham Junction five times, with no sign of any of the bearings running hot.

Our painters have also been busy, re-applying black paint to the cylinder covers and the smokebox. This job is not yet complete, with the lining-out still to do, but we think that the results look pretty good.

We are still working on our programme for 2019. Our trips with Belmond have been agreed, and you can see them on our Diary page. We will be adding some more for other customers when they have been confirmed.

We have also started going through a lot of cine film that one of our members took in the early days of the MNLPS. They have all been digitised, and we plan to put an edited version of several of them on this website. So far, we have only managed to publish the first one, but now that our busy two-month maintenance period is drawing to a close, we hope to make some more of them available in the coming months. Keep an eye on our Video Library for the latest offerings.