We’ll Be Out and About Soon

We are getting closer to our first trip for well over a year.

Early in 2020, before the pandemic took over, we did some work on our middle big end. To help to bed it in, we had a test run where we hauled a couple of Class 67 diesel locomotives for about ninety miles. This all went well, and our next step was due to be a Surrey Hills. This would have been ideal, because it would have given us the opportunity to gently build up the load. Because of the pandemic restrictions, this didn’t happen.

Our first trip since then is due to be a tour to Bristol and Bath with the British Pullmans, which is further than we would have hoped. Therefore, we are planning on having a loaded test run beforehand.

This test run, which will carry no passengers, will be a Surrey Hills on Friday 7th May, running in a variation of the usual path.

From now onwards, our Surrey Hills trips will be slightly different. We used to stop to take water at Shalford, but, because of changes to the timetable, we will be unable to do this in future. Starting with this test run, we will usually take water at Chertsey. We will still pass through Shalford, but we won’t usually stop.

If you are intending to come out to see us, please take care, and

Remember that trespass on the railway is a criminal offence, and dangerous.

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