Because it was over three weeks since the previous trip, we had already done a lot of cleaning of the locomotive and support coach, as well as carrying out the usual routine maintenance tasks. On the day before the tour, we had no fewer than twenty two people at Stewarts Lane, So there were no excuses for not having the engine sparkling. This also allowed us to clean the shed floor while Clan Line was outside for the Fitness To Run examination.

The bright sunshine on Saturday also helped to make 35028 look sparkling while waiting at Platform Two at Victoria.

We left three minutes late, and had to follow service trains until Feltham, but we were then able to reach the upper sixties, before having to slow for Virginia Water.

At Shalford, there was quite a group of people out to see us, including several children who showed a great interest in Clan Line. As usual, we took water (about two thousand gallons) and shovelled coal forward.

We left Shalford two or three minutes early, and, after a good climb of Gomshall, we arrived back at Victoria Platform Two on time, with many happy customers.

Now, it all starts again, with the grate, ashpans and smokebox to be emptied, and all the cleaning to do, as well as some more running maintenance, before our next planned trip, to Bristol on the sixteenth May.