Sunday dawned, and, as the forecast had predicted, the weather turned sour. We departed Saint Philip's Marsh depot about five minutes early. However, having lost time during the shunting moves, departure from Bristol Temple Meads was six minutes late. Taunton arrival time was five minutes later than scheduled, and, after watering and pulling coal forward, our departure was delayed three and a half minutes by a late running service train. Despite this, our arrival at Paignton was on schedule.

At Paignton, the DBC crew handed the loco over to the Dartmouth Steam Railway crew, who took the train to Kingswear. While the passengers had the opportunity to explore Kingswear, albeit in the wet, Clan Line returned light engine to Paignton, turning on the turntable at Churston on the way. The support crew also got the chance to experience the inclement weather, as they had to clean the fire, empty the ashpans, fill the tender with coal and water, and top up with oil. They were helped a lot by the Dartmouth Steam Railway footplate crew. Once the servicing was completed, Clan Line returned to Kingswear, to couple up to the train, and bring it back to Paignton, where the new DBC crew took over.

After leaving Paignton, the loco performed well, and arrived at Taunton almost on time. Here, we took more water, and pulled some more coal forward, all in the rain. We departed Taunton on time, but we were soon brought to a halt by a track circuit failure. This caused us a loss of thirteen minutes, which we were unable to make up before getting back to Bristol Temple Meads.

We've enjoyed our stay in the West Country, and made a lot of new friends. Let's hope that we can arrange to do something similar next year.