There had been only one weekend since the previous trip, and that had been taken up with the important but dirty jobs, including emptying the smokebox and firebox. This meant that there was still a lot of cleaning to do before the trip. There is always someone present two days before a run to light the fire. On this occasion, several people came - including some who were not in the support crew for the tour. Thanks to their help, and that of some extra helpers on the preparation day, we were able to turn Clan Line out in her usual smart condition.

The forecast for the day was heavy showers, but we were lucky - we avoided all of them bar one.

We left London Victoria one minute late, but we had a good run as far as Feltham, which we passed six and a half minutes early. There is a pathing stop by Addlestone Junction, but, as we arrived seven and a half minutes early, this was extended to twenty minutes. After passing Woking and Guildford, we arrived at Shalford for our water stop two minutes late. There were only four people waiting for us instead of the usual throng.

After topping up the tender with water from the waiting tanker, and pulling coal forward, we left Shalford slightly earlier than scheduled. Because of the time of year, and the railhead conditions, we made good use of the sanders on the ensuing climbs. We made a slow approach to Redhill, and passed it four minutes late. We had been due to cross to the fast line at Purley, but we were kept on the slow. After being brought to a standstill at Windmill Bridge Junction, we continued losing time on the slow line until we were put across to the fast at Balham, thirteen minutes late. However, we were allowed to run all the way into Victoria, and finally arrived four minutes later than scheduled.

Clan Line crosses Grosvenor Bridge on the return from Shalford - photograph by Chris Meredith

As usual, we had many satisfied passengers visit the locomotive before we returned to Stewarts Lane depot.