Since the Fitness To Run failure before our previous Surrey Hills run, we have not been idle. After consultation with our boiler inspector, we drained the boiler and had our leaking stays inspected and repaired. Because of this work, we also had a steam test to prove that all was well.

Two days before the tour, the fire was lit, as is our usual practice.

Because our previous trip was called off after most of the cleaning had been done, the support crew had a relatively easy preparation day, for a change. This time, we magaged to pass the Fitness To Run examination without any difficulty, much to everybody's relief.

On the morning of the trip, there was a points failure at Stewarts Lane Junction. This made us five minutes late getting into Victoria, and it also delayed our departure by a couple of minutes. We then had some slow running until we reached Virginia Water. We arrived one minute late for our water stop at Shalford, but managed to leave two minutes early.

Our approach to Redhill was delayed by yellow signals, and we were held by a red signal in the platform for about seven minutes to allow a service train to overtake us. This stopping service held us up after we were allowed to proceed, again, and we finally got to Victoria about seventeen minutes late.

Our passengers weren't concerned about the delay - it just meant that they had extra time to enjoy the luxury of their Pullman car.