Weymouth Quay to Waterloo – 1967

Martin Upward, a former SW controller, has passed us this log. He knew the driver, who invited into the cab. After the PWS at Allbrook, Driver Osbourne said “Shall we have some fun?”, as he put the regulator to the roof. Martin also remarked on how steady the boiler pressure remained throughout the run.

Locomotive: BR (SR) Rebuilt Merchant Navy class 35028 Clan Line.

Date: 18th May 1967.

Train: 16:00 Weymouth Quay to Waterloo.

Load: 10 coaches & 1 van, 380 tons.

Driver: A. Osbourne – Eastleigh.

Fireman: K. Bannister – Gloucester, on loan to Eastleigh.

Dist.LocationTimeMPHBoiler psiReg.Cut
00 00--------
1.1Northam Junction3 30132401/230%15 mph restriction
3.4Swaythling9 36482371/230%
5.7Eastleigh12 23512351/230%
6.5Allbrook--26--shut30%P.W. slack
9.5Shawford20 3051240full25%
12.7Winchester23 5862240full25%
14.7Winchester Junction26 0066237full25%
21.1Micheldever31 0569235full25%
23.0Roundwood32 4070--full25%
------75240full15%Max. before Worting Junction
29.0Worting Junction37 4262240shut15%
31.4Basingstoke42 28----shut--
00.0000 00------
5.6Hook7 01762407/815%
9.0Winchfield8 42832407/815%
11.3Fleet10 55912407/815%
14.6Farnborough13 1782240shut15%
19.8Brookwood17 1379245shut15%Signal check to 48mph
near Woking Junction
23.0Woking Junction21 02622403/415%
26.2West Byfleet22 55762353/415%
27.5Byfleet Junction24 33822353/415%
28.7Weybridge25 22802303/415%
30.8Walton26 52832303/415%
34.5Hampton Court Junction29 37842253/415%
35.8Surbiton30 54832253/415%
38.0New Malden32 3870225shut15%
40.6Wimbledon35 4633225shut15%Signal check
43.9Clapham Junction42 28162151/225%P.W. slack/signals
47.8Waterloo51 18--215--
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